Saturday parkrun – Richmond Park (9th June)

If anyone feels minded enough to do it, there should be a few Juniors doing the 5k parkrun in Richmond Park on Saturday.

If you haven’t done one before – register on the parkrun website You will find Sheen Shufflers in the drop down box. When registered, print off your barcode (I cover mine in clingfilm so it doesn’t fall to bits) and bring it with you on Saturday. The run is free, starts at Richmond Gate at 9:00 and you should see a few people that you know there! If you are under 11 you should have a parent or guardian run with you. If you don’t have anyone to escort you, just leave a message on the website and we can see what can be arranged.

Stragglers Junior Handicap

The next race will be held on Thursday 14th June.

The event is being held at the The Russell School, Petersham, TW10 7AH

Registration from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start.

The races are over a roughly 2K distance, and first-timers are give a handicap according to their age.

More details can be found on The Stragglers website:

parkrun barcodes acceptable.

Stragglers Junior Handicap

Stragglers Junior Handicap

The next race will be held on Thursday 24th May.
The event is being held at the
Ranelagh Harriers Clubhouse, behind Dysart pub, 135 Petersham Road, Richmond TW10 7AA with the course being just inside the Dysart gate of Richmond Park.

Registration from 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start.

The races are over a roughly 2K distance, and
first-timers are give a handicap according to their age.

More details can be found on The Stragglers website:
It will save you time on the night if you download the registration form and take it with you. parkrun barcodes acceptable.

Street Orienteering Tuesday 8th May

The last in this season’s Street Orienteering events takes place at The Pembroke, 261 Old Brompton Road, Earls Court, SW5 9JA this coming Tuesday 8th May, where you can start anytime between 6:30 and 7:30 as it’s electronic timing.

You will be given a clue sheet, which will ask a question for each control, which you will be able to complete when you find the correct location – e.g. “name of the pub” or the “colour of door at number 20”.

Each control is assigned a point value – generally the ones further away are worth more points. The aim is to score as many points as possible, within the given time limit. The time limit is generally 60 minutes – try to keep within this limit, as you will be penalised points for every second you are late getting back! If you don’t want to run for a full 60 minutes you can always come back earlier.

Juniors can run if accompanied by a responsible adult (it’s a glorified treasure hunt). You can run in groups so if you haven’t done one before, just pair up with someone who has. I will be there, , and am quite happy to get you going or run with you or answer any questions you may have.

These really are enjoyable events and the weather bodes well for next Tuesday evening.

More details are on South London Orienteers’ website  or on Facebook

Banstead Woods parkrun

This Saturday, 28th April, we will be having the senior monthly parkrun (5K) at Banstead Woods. This has now become an annual fixture due to the magnificent display of bluebells in the wood.

We would love to see some juniors there. If you can’t run, and have an U11 who wants to do it (11 and upwards can run without supervision), let me know and I’ll try and pair you up with one of the seniors. I will be there, but my speed will be about 28-30 minutes!

The course is 1 3/4 loops. You start at the top of a short sharp hill which you have to negotiate on the second loop. The plus side is that you have a great downhill sweep to the finish. Personally, it’s my second favourite parkrun (after Bedfont Lakes).

If you haven’t done a parkrun before, and would like to, just ask (via enquiries) and I can give you instructions on how to register.

Stragglers Junior Handicap Thursday 26th April

The first of this season’s monthly Junior Handicap races takes place at The Hawker Centre, Lower Ham Road, Kingston KT2 5BH. It is a 7:30pm start time, but please get their around 7 especially if you haven’t registered in advance.

This is just over 2 km on the grassed playing field in front of the Hawker Centre. It consists of 4 laps of the perimeter of the grass area, which will be marked out. After the end of the fourth lap the runners will cross the finish line and go down the finish funnel in the order in which they crossed the line. Minis run one lap of just over 500m.

New or inexperienced runners, if they find 2 km a bit far, can run one lap – they will be given a time, but their results will not count towards any individual or team scores. The event is open to all up to 17 years old.

Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to register if not having done so before. Registration can be done via your parkrun barcode if you have one, or by filling in a form on the evening.

Thursday Afternoon Junior Track Club

Commencing on Thursday April 26th, two of the Junior UKA qualified coaches, Louise and Steve (Oldfield-McDuell Running Fitness), will be hosting a weekly junior track club on the Barn Elms Sports Trust track (the normal Sunday track) from 5pm to 6pm. This session will be charged at £7-50 per session, which includes track fees.

If you are interested you can call Louise on 07769 906625, or leave a message here and we will pass it on, or via the Oldfield-McDuell Facebook page.

parkrun – Saturday 31st March

The senior Sheen Shufflers will be doing their monthly parkrun at the new course, Hazlewood, in Sunbury on Thames this Saturday.  9am start. Details on the course can be found here:

It would be good to see some of our juniors taking part. If the parents would like their young athlete to be a part of it, but are unable to do so themselves, if you mail me I’ll see what I can arrange. All athletes under 11 have to be accompanied.

Remember – there is no athletics on Sunday at the track.