Barnes Common Night Orienteering Tuesday 28th January

Come and enjoy an evening of Night Orienteering on Barnes Common. This is probably the easiest of the Night -O’s as you have very distinct map features including the railway lines and Barnes Station.

There are two courses, a 2.5k and and a 5k course. You will need a head torch and preferably a compass. If you are not sure – please ask as there are plenty of Shufflers who have done Night-Os before and sort of know what they are doing (most of the time). You can run in groups and children should be supervised.

The Venue is The Spencer Arms, SW15 1HJ, and there is plenty of parking. Registration opens at 5.45pm, and you can start anytime after 6…it’s electronic timing. The course closes at 8.30pm so give yourself plenty of time. In order to produce the right amount of maps, please say you are going to the event It’s only a fiver and three for juniors, so it’s value for money. The discussion over a pint afterwards is always of interest when we can listen to other’s horror stories (hopefully not mine!).

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Hopefully see a few of you there!

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