Cross Country Results Epsom Downs

Down’s league results from 3rd Nov 2019

Well done to all the children that ran.

Under 11 2.2 km :
Oliver Paulson-Ellis 9.11 8th (8th boy)
Raphael Shaw 10.01 28th (17th boy)
Dylan Martin 10.27 36th (21st boy)
Ruben Allushi 11.53 55th (26th boy)

Maeve Minielly 9.51 24th (9th girl)
Alexandra Bramwell 9.57 26th (11th girl)
Maddison Allushi 11.05 46th (21st girl)
Yasmin Tunali-Flynn 12.01 58th (31st girl)
Emily Pearson 12.05 61st (33rd girl)

U11 Team results Boys 6th , Girls 3rd!!!!!

Under 13 3.2 Km:
Toby Robinson 16.04 65th (37th boy)
Ferris Chapple 16.31 67th (39th boy)
Edward Slack 19.27 70th (40th boy)

Lara Tunali-Flynn 13.09 20th (5th girl)

Team results to follow.

Under 15 3.2 Km:
Hamish Chapple 13.05 29th (19th boy)

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