Barnes Common Orienteering, Tuesday Evening 24th July

An evening’s orienteering on Barnes Common during daylight returns on Tuesday 24th July.

There are two courses available, a long course 5km and a short course 2.5K. All juniors must be accompanied on the long course, but as the short course does not cross any roads, juniors can run without an adult. It would be excellent to see some of the Juniors taking part. If the parents are not up to it for the long course, but their junior athletes are, just let us know!

You will be given a map with checkpoints on it and clues as to how to find those checkpoints – look on it as a glorified treasure hunt. You can run as a group if you are not brimming with confidence. If you are still not sure you can speak to me (Bob), and I can give you any further details you may need.

The headquarters for the event is in The Spencer Arms in Putney, SW15 1HJ The event registration is between 18:00 and 19:30 with the start times between 18:00 and 19:30. It is electronically timed so that you can start when you are ready. Cost of entry is £5. The organisers would appreciate it if you would let them know you are attending so they a rough idea of how many maps to print (they aren’t cheap).

Always an excellent evening out – and local!!

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