Parklands Relay

Well done to all our Juniors who took part in the Parklands Relay last Wednesday evening. To get to the start was a task in itself as the road between Kingston Gate and Roehampton Gate was closed.

Our ladies pulled out an exceptional team performance. All three ladies finished within a six second slot. Juliet ran first and finished her leg of 2.8 miles in 19:43, Niamh then round in 19:49 with Alisa bringing the team home to an excellent 14th position with a time of 19:46. To put this performance into perspective there were 46 ladies teams taking part from the strongest clubs in the area with county runners participating.

For the boys, the lead runner was Hamish Chapple with an 18:58, to be followed by Emilio with 22:12. Harry went off third and returned a time of 20:45 with Peter completing the final leg in 24:05. As you may guess, the standard of the men was way over what our boys could match, but they still finished in 52nd position. The first man went round the course in 13:35!

Mark Klein’s fledgling Junior Tri club were decimated almost from the off when they let us have Harry, Mark’s son, to boost our Boys team. In return we gave them Lily who put in a decent time of 25:32. The team were bolstered by Mark running the final leg in 17:12.

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