Beginners Running Courses

Does that New Year’s Resolution that you made to get fit in 2018 already seem like a pipe dream? You thought it would be cool to go out running with your athletic offspring – but it was the drink talking? Well here’s a chance to put things right!

THREE Beginners Course’ will be held this ‘term’. The venues are Palewell Common commencing on Wednesday 10th January at 11am. The second one will be held at Sheen Common commencing Tuesday 9th January at 10am and the third one will commence on Thursday January 11th at 10am at Dukes Meadow Playing Area. W4 also 10am. The courses will be held over an eight week period, for approximately one hour each week. The course charge is £50 for the complete course. By the time that the course has finished you should be able to comfortably participate in, and finish, a parkrun.

The courses will be run by England Athletics Qualified Coaches, Louise Oldfield (she’s the tall blonde lady at the track who looks after the Juniors) and Stephen McDuell (who also takes the Juniors on a Sunday).

Any inquiries should be directed to Louise using the form below. If you know anywhere that you can hang a poster for the events or know anyone who would like to do the course, then Louise would love to hear from you!

If you can’t make the mornings, don’t despair. Watch out for an announcement of evening courses as soon as the light is favourable. Again, speak to Louise if you need any more info.

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