Street Orienteering Tuesday Evening 9th January – Richmond

If you were with us on Wednesday Morning and took part in the Street Orienteering around Mortlake and East Sheen, or you ran the event back in February, you now have another chance to do another one.

Bex has organised an event on the evening of Tuesday 9th January around Richmond, St, Margarets & Twickenham on behalf of South London Orienteers.
The event will be headquartered at The Slug and Lettuce, Water Lane, Richmond TW9 1TJ.

Registration is open from 18:15 and you can start anytime between 18:30 and 19:30 (it’s all electronic timing). The Street-O format has clues located at various points on a map. These clues normally take the shape of lamp post numbers, fire hydrant numbers, Blue Plaque names etc. You have 60 minutes to visit as many of these as possible, in any order, and return to the finish.

Please bring a pen (and a spare) to write down your answers to the clues as you go around and a watch so that you aren’t late back (lateness incurs penalty points)! It is best to take a torch or head torch so that you can clearly read post box, telegraph pole numbers etc. easily.

All competitors take part at their own risk. You MUST be over 16 to take part in this event, unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a condition of the events’ insurance. You are more than welcome to run in groups.
If you want to run, but are unsure of yourself, if you let me know in advance, I can make sure someone is on hand to give you a quick run through of how to tackle the event when you arrive – or we can put on a mini masterclass before the off!

The cost is £4 for adults and £2 for children which is money well spent.
If you are going, can you please let the organisers (via Facebook) or myself know as they need to know how many maps to print (they are printed on quite expensive paper). For more information, you can either speak to me, or visit South London Orienteers website.

We hope you’ll join us as it really is an enjoyable evening out!

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