Street Orienteering – Wednesday 27th December – 10:45am

Last February Bex (Ed’s Mum) hosted a Street Orienteering event on behalf of South London Orienteers. In her infinite wisdom, Bex is hosting another in January (9th) in Richmond (details to follow nearer the event).

On Wednesday 27th December we thought we’d get you all, after your Christmas excesses, to run the February event again. We would like to get the event going at 10:45 so we can have a mass start at 11:00am. The meeting place would be just by the Tapestry on Mortlake Green. You should all be back by 12, or very soon after, when The Tapestry hopefully opens and we can repair to the warmth of the pub for a drink and marking of the papers. All Juniors should be accompanied by adults,though any responsible Juniors are more than welcome to run unaccompanied if their parents are happy about it;.and you are more than welcome to bring family and friends.. You can also run in groups. Anyone who did the event in February will have certain clues removed as the answers were too memorable!

What is a Street-O? A Street-O format has clues (different clues/locations carry different points) located at various points on a map. You have 60 minutes to visit as many of these as possible, in any order, and return to the finish. You don’t have to visit them all. If you exceed the 60 minutes you get fined points. Ideally, once you receive your map and start, it’s best to have a quick look and decide which area would suit you best for points and accessibility. Basically – it’s a glorified treasure hunt – and an enjoyable event!

I will need to get the maps printed (it’s special paper and double sided), so I would be grateful if you could let me know in advance if you are able to attend, so I know how many to print. All you need to bring are a couple of pens (in case one doesn’t work), and a decent time-piece so that you are in control of the time. All costs will be paid for by the club!

Just e-mail me if you want any more details.

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