Parkrun – Bedfont Lakes (Feltham) 16th December

The Sheen Shufflers seniors monthly parkrun is taking place this month at Bedfont Lakes next Saturday Morning.

A parkrun is over a 5k course and all start at 9:00am. Bedfont Lakes just happens to be my favourite parkrun, so why not come along and give it a go. The course has a very slight incline at the start and on the commencement of the second lap, and the rest is either gentle downhill or flat

Entrance to the run is free and it is a one time registration at You will find Sheen Shufflers in the Running Club drop down box. Print off your barcode (I cover mine with clingfilm) and bring it with you on the day. They need to scan it at the finish and give it back to you. You do not have to pre-register.

To get to Bedfont Lakes, leave Richmond on the A316 and keep going to the Sunbury Cross turnoff where the M3 starts. Head under the motorway through Sunbury along the A308 for approximately 3 kilometres. Take the B378 on the right and keep going straight which reaches Clockhouse Lane.. When you go over a railway bridge, the entrance to Bedfont Lakes is about another 200 metres or so.
You have two choices for parking. If you get there early enough e.g. 8:35, there is parking at the start just off Clockhouse Lane…otherwise, there is a big car park at the far end of the course, just off Bedfont Road, but it’s about a kilometer walk to the start.

This is an ideal course for any first timers. The marshalls at the halfway point will look after anyone who has to drop out after one lap. If you personally don’t want to run, but your possession does, just ask and we can try and match them up with one of the senior runners.

Any questions, please do ask!

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