Owners and Possessions session – Sunday 10th December

Don’t forget that this Sunday we are holding the first of our ‘Owners and Possessions Sessions’ on Sheen Common at 10am. We hope that the Owners will be bold enough to don their lycra and join in.

As this is the first time that we have done this it will be very much a ‘suck it and see’ morning, so please be patient if this first one doesn’t go as smoothly as we’d like it. Hopefully the venue won’t be too crowded and we have enough space to make the activities interesting.

Hopefully see you Sunday – if you need any further info, please ask.

4 thoughts on “Owners and Possessions session – Sunday 10th December

  1. Hello,

    We met Steve after your last training session. My son is keen to join the club next year. Could we attend this event? What is it about?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Michael

      Thanks for your message. This is the first time that we have undertaken a session away from the track. It is just basically a keep everyone fit and on their toes and hopefully have the parents join in. We expect it to take in a warm up jog around the common, some stretching, obstacle course, sprinting etc. If you need any further information before Sunday, please let me know. The coaches have yet to discuss the session in detail.


      Bob Reed

  2. Chaps, is the meeting point at the entrance to Sheen Common off Fife Road? Might be an idea to stick the flag up for the first session.

  3. Hi Jason

    The original message said Fife Road, but you’re right, I left it off the reminder. Hopefully there should be plenty of parking there or thereabouts.


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