Parklands Relay 14th June First draft results

At the end of the relays everyone wanted to know their time, but as soon as I handed them the clipboard and asked them to work it out for themselves, they handed it back it to me. So here are the results after the Junior teams went round a very challenging 4.5K course in extremely warm conditions in Richmond Park this evening. I cannot be certain they are 100% correct, but they will be corrected when I get the final results.

Junior Ladies team 72
Amelie Brok 22.27
Mia Oldfield 23.35
Kya Furlong 20.26

Junior Ladies team 68
Alexi Furlong 28.54
Alisa Taylor 20.42
Mimi McDuell 24.14

Junior Ladies team 73
Ava Oldfield 29.05
Juliet Parson 20.35
Saskia Oldfield 20.38

Junior/Senior Ladies team 71
Niamh Round 22.15
Polly Wigfield 23.10
Lily Nash 20.00

Junior Boys team 21
Harry Klein 22.12
Gustav Brok 22.30
Emilio Olvera 23.32
Peter Phyrillas 21.59

and Nicholas Goss who was running in the Senior Team did under 18:30. Well done to all those who took part this evening, you were a credit to the club!

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