Street Orienteering East Sheen/Mortlake

On the Tuesday evening of 7th February, South London Orienteers, in conjunction with Bex (Ed’s Mum) and Bob, are hosting a Street-Orienteering event in our manor (East Sheen and Mortlake). This will be HQed at The Tapestry Bar (north west corner of Mortlake Green). It would be good to have your patronage for this event.
What is a Street-O? Basically, after you have registered and started you are given a street plan on which there are about 35 places marked. These places will include such things as Post Box Numbers, House Names etc., and your task will be to visit as many of these places as you can within an hour – anymore than an hour and you get heavily penalised. You can visit the places in any order you want, but for the more obscure, outlaying places you will receive extra points. You will need to bring an accurate watch, headtorch, a pen (and a backup pen) and a whistle – though these are available at the registration.
Children are more than welcome to run providing they are attached to a responsible parent or guardian. You can run in groups if you wish. Cost of entry is £2 per adult £1 per child.
As the race is electronically timed you can start whenever you get there, and the course is open from 6:30 with the last runners departing at 7:30. Excellent food is available at The Tapestry, so you can make an evening of it, or just have a pint and tell me how well you did (or at least how well you thought you did before the results are published)!
If you can’t run, but are willing to help out, the more the merrier, please let either myself or Bex know you are available.
If you are intending to run, can you please add your ‘going’ to the website page as we will need to gauge how many maps to print (they’re not cheap).
If you require more details please ask either us using the form below.

More details on Street-O’s can be found at

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