Night Orienteering

This Thursday evening there is a ‘night’ orienteering event in Richmond Park a 5k and a 2.5k run. Children are welcome to run but would need an adult with them for safety.

Basically, it’s a mass start (but there won’t be that many there); you are given a map and you have to find the points on the map, usually about 10. You are given an ‘electronic finger’ so your checkpoints are recorded. It’s up to you how you find the points, in order, as there are no marshalls. It’s enjoyable, as those who did our orienteering at Christmas found out. You can run in groups, but those running singly must have an adult with them. I’ll be running in the 5k event with two other ladies, so if you feel that you can run at my pace, you’re more than welcome e.g. Hamish!

The registration is at the The Albert, Kingston Hill, Norbiton KT2 7PX and the start will be just inside Kingston gate of Richmond Park. The entry fee is £2 for juniors and £3 for everybody else. If you have a head torch, please bring it, though an ordinary torch will suffice. It will be twilight when the event starts.

Can you let me know if you are running and which event, or have any questions ; we let the organisers know in advance how many maps to print as the paper is quite expensive that they use.


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